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System Simplification

Our client wanted to reduce their system maintenance cost by reducing the amount of programming in their systems that was unique to their company, and to rely instead on capabilities supplied and maintained by their software vendors.

Key insights 
1. Current systems use and business processes had evolved in a piecemeal fashion, with independent approaches between departments.
2. Each department tended to use different software that had been chosen to meet their needs, and had customized that software to provide needed capabilities.

We examined what the company's business processes needed to achieve, both within and between departments and identified which existing software had the needed standard capabilities.
We modified business processes to use those standards
We designed modified business processes so that 
a) they used the standard capabilities of existing software
departments still used the systems they were comfortable with as far as possible
and we gained agreement from the departments involved that they would move to the modified processes.

The Information Technology department was able to identify $400K per year of software maintenance and development savings by eliminating software customization as a result of the business process changes. 
The modified business processes also improved overall productivity.